Three lust-worthy Valentine's Day wines

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Forget romance: drink lust-worthy wines.
Romance, shmomance. We've had it up to here with all the laughably predictable recommendations and ill-advised wine pairings that show up like clockwork every year at this time. We're not hatin' on love or anything -- but since when is the notion of celebrating that special someone with a bottle of something rocking reserved exclusively for the fourteenth of February?

That's why this year we'd like to propose that you focus on bringing out a few wines that emphasize an emotion that doesn't get nearly the press it deserves (especially when it comes to wine): good old-fashioned lust.

Lust-worthy wines make your mouth water merely at the thought of them. Wines that'll make your toes curl -- well, you're gonna have to drop a bit of coin on 'em, people. Wines like this are always worth the splurge; after all, satisfaction of this magnitude doesn't come cheaply. But satisfaction is what you shall have (possibly in more than one form) if you play your cards right.

And if you're ready to get down and dirty, open one of these three wines tonight -- or any night when you're looking for something more than Hallmark card-inspired love.

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The Ethos Syrah clocks in at 15.0%ABV, should have called it roofie-colada except that name was already taken.

Cellar Wine Bar
Cellar Wine Bar

​Romance, shromance...we couldn't have said it better!  Great wine choices here!   If you're still feeling antsy and want to get out of the house, we invite you to come talk to our sommelier Evan tonight at Cellar Wine Bar in LoHi about your favorite wine types & styles !  We're going with an anti-Valentine's theme, so singles are welcome & ladies enjoy a free champagne cocktail!  Open at 5:00pm and featuring yummy desserts for a change!    

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