Reader: Top Chef's main dish should be shark -- because they're jumping it every episode

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Jorel Pierce: Does he look like a Top Chef contestant to you?
Top Chef casting agents are coming to Denver -- as well as several other major metropolitan cities -- to test potential talent for the tenth season of the Bravo show. Notes the website: "Every season the bar gets higher, every season it means more to be the one on top -- do you have what it takes to be the next TOP CHEF?"

We can think of several local chefs who do -- if they'd want the gig, that is.

Says Number three:

Ugh. Have you watched this season? The main dish is shark and they are jumping it in every episode. I really think they need one more Texas BBQ Challenge!!! I don't know why any respectable chef would put them through this type of thing. You have 1 hour to work in a group to create something out of this box of Count Chocula..... NO THANKS! Denver chefs! You're doing just fine. Keep making us amazing food and leave the shtick to Guy Fatheady.

Still want to try out? Show up at the casting call at Linger on Wednesday, February 22, between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m.

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