Village Greek opens in Greenwood Village

The Village Greek opened on Tuesday, February 21, at 6886 South Clinton Street in Englewood, an area that could use more ethnic flavor. The restaurant is owned by Stanley Pappas and managed by his chef/brother Steve Pappas.

For more information -- including details on this weekend's special of roast leg of Colorado lamb with briami, a fresh vegetable medley -- call 303-792-3382.

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The Village Greek

6886 S. Clinton St., Englewood, CO

Category: Restaurant

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Just ate there today.  I'll be back.  However, here are some comments:  1. A real good Gyro is made with chunks of meat rather than pre-made and pressed mixture.   2. A genuine Greek salad is mostly cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, Calamata olives and  feta cheese;  adding lettuce is OK but it shouldn't be the main ingredient and you should use Iceberg, or Iceberg mixed with Romain, not just Romain.


There is so much ethnic food around there that it is stunning and I am so tired of hearing this lament over and over about Inverness and the DTC. Where do you get your info?  Vietnamese, Asian, Thai, Mexican, upscale Mexican, Sushi, Indian, and more all within just about walking distance. But close Greek was sort of missing. Although if you drive a few miles  there is a good place. Get your head out of Downtown and get out more!

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