Bombay Bowl's vegetarian and vegan options are quick and delicious

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Lose some, win some. Last August the original Bombay Bowl in Englewood closed rather than pay a rent increase, but the remaining Denver location was recently featured in the the New York Times. And despite the off-hour of our visit -- 3:30 p.m. on a Sunday -- business was steady at the fast-casual Indian joint. Although only a few tables were occupied in the bright, cheery dining area, a steady trickle of customers kept coming through the door.

If you've been to any of Colorado's other famous fast-casual concepts -- Chipotle and Garbanzo, for example -- then you probably have a good idea how Bombay Bowl operates. The first choice is the basic type of meal: plate, bowl, sandwich or salad. These can be ordered with Bombay chicken, grilled chicken, braised beef (which seems a little weird in a restaurant named Bombay Bowl, but whatever), tofu or veggies. There's also a smaller meal option centered on the eatery's appetizers. It's a good idea to plan your first order here in advance -- the website has a complete list of ingredients and allergen information -- because while the friendly people behind the counter are always happy to point out vegetarian and vegan options, that way you won't be holding up the line.

We ordered both our meals as plates. The first was tofu -- lightly fried and served in crispy cubes that featured a creamy interior inside those six golden-brown walls -- with rice, spiced veggies, Tikka sauce and chili-lime chutney, plus a generous sprinkle of fresh cilantro. The chili-lime chutney packs a spicy punch, so be wary when ordering it; the person assembling your meal will gladly put it on the side.


For a fully vegan meal (the Tikka sauce has dairy), we went with the tofu, spiced chickpeas, rice, korma (a sweet coconut sauce that's mildly spiced) and tamarind chutney, which has a sweet, tangy flavor. For a little extra kick, each table has a container of a spicy mix that you can sprinkle on your meal.


On the side, you can also order naan, samosas or aloo tikki, little potato cakes that we ate up with the (yogurt-based, so non-vegan) cilantro garlic sauce.

Bombay Bowl may not cook the most authentic Indian cuisine, but it's fast, relatively cheap and definitely tasty.The tofu is particularly good, but vegetable-based meals are also available (and would probably save you some calories, too).

Bombay Bowl is open from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday through Saturday and 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. on Sunday; for more information, call 303-645-4680 or visit

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Bombay Bowl

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Tonight my boyfriend and I went in to Bombay Bowl for take out with his service dog who provides seizure alert duties for him. We have been into Bombay Bowl on many occasions and have never had a problem. Tonight we went in and were discriminated against by the manager Robert. I encourage people to urge this restaurant to not discriminate against persons with disabilities. Here is an e-mail I wrote to the owner. I am hoping I get a response. "Hello, I am writing to advise of of a situation that occurred tonight around 9:10pm at Bombay Bowl. I am considering reporting this to the ADA as your manager Robert showed gross and unapologetic discrimination against my boyfriend. First, I was hoping to talk to the owner and come to an understanding in regards to this situation. While I did get upset during this situation, I did not curse at him and just wanted him to take accountability for the fact that he did not know what he was talking about. He instead kept insisting I was wrong and that we were lying.

We entered to get food that we planned on taking home. I went first in line and the female employee helped me. I had informed her upon entering that the dog accompanying my boyfriend was a service dog and she made no problem of it. Your "Manager" Robert however was in the process of serving my boyfriend but refused to take his order as he was busy interrogating him. He was asking for paperwork for the service dog, which is illegal. He repeatedly asked him to the point that I could tell me boyfriend was uncomfortable. He continued asking for paperwork and might as well have said "I think you are lying and should leave". When I stepped in to advise him of his legal rights to questioning and the law, he continued his interrogation with comments that included "Well, anyone can get a service dog patch and put it on there" and "What if someone is allergic to the dog?" Both of these arguments are invalid and are seen as discrimination. I told him that by law he is only allowed to ask two questions. #1: Is that a service dog. #2: What tasks does it perform? That is it. Anything beyond that is blatant discrimination and a violation of the law. Your manager ignorantly stood by his line of questioning and told me I was wrong and that he knew what he was talking about and was within legal parameters of questioning. Here is why he was wrong: "Businesses may ask if an animal is a service animal or ask what tasks the animal has been trained to perform, but cannot require special ID cards for the animal or ask about the person’s disability". This is language from the ADA's website: Robert was acting like he was an officer of the law, adamantly and ignorantly demanding paperwork he is not allowed to ask for. Basically, I feel that he as a manager should be up to date regarding any laws pertaining to your business. He honestly is a liability to your company as the owner could be sued for this incident. We are not litigious people looking to sue however. I just want to make sure this doesn't happen again and that your so called manager is reprimanded for his actions that showed gross discrimination. My boyfriend has seizures and the dog provides seizure alert services to him, including alerting and protecting him during a seizure. This classification of dog is completely within the parameters of what is allowed by law and you as a business are responsible for knowing this and making sure people are treated fairly. Despite the fact that Robert had doubts and essentially insisted we were lying, he is not allowed to express his ignorant opinions in the form of discrimination. I am very disappointed that this happened as we were regular customers and had brought the service dog in multiple times with no incidents. This was our first interaction with Robert and it was frankly traumatizing and belittling. I am sad to say that I will no longer support a business that hires managers who discriminate against persons with disabilities and give them nothing but attitude and doubt. I loved Bombay Bowl for the quality of the food, the fact that it is a small business, the vegetarian options and the usual friendly staff I will no longer introduce people to this restaurant but instead provide a different narrative in the form of this experience. Here is the law and I would like you to share it with all of your employees, especially Robert. I have also attached a PDF file advising businesses of their rights in regards to service animals. The following is pulled from the ADA's website ( "Businesses may ask if an animal is a service animal or ask what tasks the animal has been trained to perform, but cannot require special ID cards for the animal or ask about the person's disability." This is important because, and I quote, "Violators of the ADA can be required to pay money damages and penalties". Also, "Allergies and fear of animals are generally not valid reasons for denying access or refusing service" which is another one of the tactics Robert was using to argue with us.

I think this is very valid considering that your "Manager" Robert still insisted he was right even after I informed him that he was violating the law regarding service animals. If you have more questions in regards to the ADA law as it pertains to service animals, see Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Service Dogs:

I am hoping to actually speak to the owner and not just write this e-mail. This is the only way Robert gave me to get a hold of you."


I am unsure as to how I can remove comments on here but wanted to share that the owner called me within an hour of me e-mailing him and will be calling back in a couple of days to continue to discuss the situation after he talks to Robert. I am happy that he was so concerned and apologized for what happened. I just hope the manager learns a lesson for future interactions with people with disabilities. Thank you Amar for your quick response.


Totally agree! I love Bombay Bowl! 


Also, if you ask the server they have a copy of all the listing ready at the counter.

Joanne Simms
Joanne Simms

 Considering its a relatively new ethnic concept, it would be good to have a proper listing of foods and their potential allergic ingredients somewhere in the restaurant. It is not easy to find out which dishes would be safe if you have multiple food allergies. The counter person was quick to suggest that a lot of their dishes are 'gluten-free', but they need to understand, there are other allergies besides gluten out there. I certainly did not feel very comfortable with my allergies (not gluten).

Amber Taufen
Amber Taufen

The website has a complete list of items that contain wheat, soy, milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, fish and crustacean fish. It isn't all that visible in the store -- but most eateries don't post that information in eighteen point type on the wall, anyway.

Jim Corcoran
Jim Corcoran

There is one caveat to vegetarian instead of vegan food. Animal protein, particularly cow milk protein, binds with all the healing antioxidants in plant foods and renders them USELESS to our body! It's so easy and healthier to be vegan!

Why would someone choose to be vegan? To help end world hunger for one! Here are two uplifting videos to help everyone understand why so many people are making this life affirming choice: and

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