Boulder and South Federal face off in the Street 16 final four

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As we've been doing for a few weeks now, Cafe Society is out to find the single-best neighborhood for eating-out in Denver with our Street 16 tournament. Size doesn't matter, but restaurants do. We started with sixteen areas of metro Denver and now we're down to four.

In the first final four match-up, we pit Boulder against South Federal.

Here's why Boulder should get your vote:

It wasn't an accident that Boulder earned the designation of Foodiest Town in America from Bon Appétit in 2010: The picturesque city is teeming with top-notch industry professionals, savvy diners and, of course, excellent restaurants that range from dens of fine dining to snack shacks. Pearl Street and downtown dominate the gastronomic scene, anchored on one end by Frasca Food and Wine, Pizzeria Locale and Mateo, on the other by the Kitchen and its offshoots, as well as Zoe Ma Ma, Amu, Salt and the Bitter Bar, with Oak at Fourteenth and Black Cat in the middle.

And this is why you should vote for South Federal:

So pho, so good! The pho restaurants -- like Pho Duy and Pho 95 -- of South Federal Boulevard are just the start of the culinary pot-stirring along that stretch of road. You'll also find Vietnamese restaurants like New Saigon and Saigon Bowl that boast more expansive menus; Asian markets and bakeries that sell all matter of exotic ingredients (as well as some of those ingredients already rolled up into sandwiches); Chinese restaurants like Super Star Asian and Hong Kong Barbecue that have special, secret menus; other Chinese restaurants like Star Kitchen that roll out dim sum all day. And, of course, there's an endless array of Mexican options, from La Villa Real, a streetside taco truck, to mole-slinging Tarasco's to stands selling shrimp so fresh you'd swear you were on the coast.

Industry folks, eaters, civic boosters and even you haters: Vote below and let us know why you chose one over the other in the comments section!

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Voting ends at 11:59 p.m., Wednesday, March 28. Vote in more Street 16 match-ups.

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Shut up
Shut up

Everyone wants to be cool and vote for shitty, south fucking federal....  i fucking hate those places... they look like shit because they ARE shit. And I have eaten at every single one of them. From super dump, i mean, star asian to hong kong bbq to. Since when did Denver become so enamored with these dumps? They have been around forever and only in the past few years have all the stupid "foodies" been making a big fucking deal about them. shitty broth and noodles. yay. shrimp served the same way as every other hole in the wall mexican dump. wow. boring vietnamese spring rolls. neato. Dim fucking Sum. Boring. Pho. Dear God, fucking Pho. Why does everyone act like they like this bland, unfilling, ancient, shitty soup. Fuck rice noodles. Fuck bean sprouts. And fuck whatever kind of shitty "meat" they put in there.


This is such an incongruous matchup.  Boulder is king of spendy high-end farm-to-table cuisine and cutting-edge mixology, while South Federal is king of cheap and amazing hole-in-the-wall Vietnamese, Mexican and Chinese.  They're both the best at what they do, so I guess it comes down to what kind of restaurants you like.  Can I split my vote? 


 FUCK YEAH amen bro! Whoaaaaa! Alright, my meth is wearing off. Fucking see ya later.


LOL. But I still voted for South Federal.  Mystery meat at HK BBQ is still way tastier than the overpriced crap that Salt puts out.  Without Frasca, Boulder is overrated.   


Yes, you can split your vote.  Today, vote for Boulder.  Tomorrow, vote for South Federal.

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