Work Options for Women cooking class at Cafe Options: veggie burgers with Rachel Kesley

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Cafe Options, 1650 Curtis Street, will host a Work Options for Women's cooking class tonight. Join Chef Rachel Kesley, executive chef of WaterCourse Foods, for a tutorial on how to make veggie burgers.

The class, which costs $50, is limited to ten spots. All proceeds will benefit the Work Options for Women program, a nonprofit that provides women in need with the skills necessary to be successful in the food industry. Cafe Options is just one example of its good works; go to the website to learn more about this organization, as well as to RSVP.

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Cafe Options

1650 Curtis St., Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

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classes for cooking
classes for cooking

Thanks for sharing this content. i'm so very interested to watch live on different culinary activities because it is so enjoyable one and you can also get some good tips for cooking. 

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