Exclusive interview: Zane Lamprey on the Aspen episode of Drinking Made Easy

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Drinking Made Easy
The Drinking Made Easy crew takes on the beerski.
HDNet's Drinking Made Easy hosts Zane Lamprey and Steve McKenna spend their days traveling across the country and drinking on camera, using their show as a medium to showcase the local drinking culture of towns from all over the map. On next week's episode -- which airs Wednesday, April 4 at 6 p.m. MST -- the pair takes on drinking in Aspen. In this interview, Lamprey talks about the show, weighing in on testing the effects of alcohol at altitude, the beer ski and how his drinking buddy, McKenna, dropped $300 on a case of beer once filming wrapped.

Westword: Tell me a little about the episode.

Zane Lamprey: I don't remember. I remember watching the episode, but I don't remember filming it. I blame Jimmy Yeager at Jimmy's [in Aspen].

No, we did two things when we were there: we shot some of the one-hour episode [finale] and some of the Aspen episode.

We were really there to capture the Aspen drinking scene, but not necessarily the party scene. We wanted to give the best overall picture of what it's like to drink in Aspen, so we went to J Bar, Ajax Tavern, Jimmy's and the Aspen Brewing Company, and they're all completely different. It's not the same clientele going to all the places, but it's my job to get an overall picture -- not high-end, low-end, but everything in between. We were there for three days shooting, but we had to fit everything into half an hour, so we had to limit ourselves to a few locations. There were more places we could have gone.

One thing that's not airing on the Aspen episode is something we did for the one-hour episode: We did a test to see if altitude really affected the absorption of alcohol. It was a great place to try it out, because it's high, and it's a great place to go drinking. We did the same test in Aspen as we did in San Diego. The results were very inconclusive; we actually seemed to get more inebriated in San Diego than Aspen. I drank a lot in Denver and at altitude; I think it's more about getting used to it.

Aspen was a blast. There wasn't a lot of snow; we were there right between Thanksgiving and Christmas because I thought it would be a great time, scheduling-wise. If we shot the north side of the mountain, we got a lot of snow. But on the south side, it looked like fall. We had a great time.

So why Aspen? There are a lot of cool things in Aspen, including a small but great brewery and Jimmy's. [Owner] Jimmy Yeager is a very well-known mixologist in the mixology scene. He's kind of a legend, but don't tell him I said that. Also, they shot Dumb and Dumber there, so we had to go there.

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Can't wait to see the show! But correction, they filmed Dumb and Dumber in Boulder, despite being "set" in in Aspen. 


Next time you are in Florida you should do St Augustine!

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