Reader: Forget toppings -- Sexy Pizza will have to go topless!

The Crushery has closed, adding another casualty to the list of restaurants that have shuttered on South Pearl Street. "I love the people in this neighborhood, and, in a way, I feel like I'm letting them down, but I got a very nice offer from Sexy Pizza, and now I'm going to take some time off and figure out what I'm going to do next," says owner John Davidson, who signed the deal with Sexy Pizza Tuesday.

That stretch of South Pearl already has a pizza joint, Kaos, which has some residents wondering if there could have been a better fit for the neighborhood:

Really sad to see them go. Loved the bagel breakfast sandwiches. I cannot understand why you would open some crappy pizza joint there. You have 2 really good pizza joints in walking distance of that place. If you want want a quick slice you can hit up Abo's or Famous....There is a huge open market for Mexican etc.. Heck, open a breakfast joint like Devil's would have yuppie mom's with baby strollers and yoga pants a block long waiting to get in. Sexy Pizza.. I hope it as at least topless..

Can two pizza joints survive on South Pearl Street? What would you like to see on this block?

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I've been a regular for years (i have good to concerts and skiing with the Chefs on multiple occasions), So I am going to miss this place a lot. Truth is it was my Saturday ritual; I'd head over there get a sandwich off the menu, hanh for an hour an relax. The place was so unique and cool, its going to be hard replacing it was a 1/2 way decent pizza joint. 

I prefer to see someone take up Chefs Johns vision of a liquid nitrogen ice cream in that location. That, or a chill niche bar, like cheeky monk or Brokers. Personally with the exit of those two restaurants there is no good reason to go to South Pearl Street any more; its just filed with pretentious douche bag shops. 

Wayne Bally
Wayne Bally

 I am disappointed to see them go. They had some very tasty sandwiches. I could see them being somewhat upset about Pajama but I never really saw much overlap. It does see odd to complain about this yet sell to business that is going to compete with another one on the block. I don't blame them for selling since it must be very tough market right now. It just sucks it is nothing more exciting than pizza.

A name like Sexy Pizza. I would hope that it would offer more. Not just a sign that looks like it belongs on a strip club. Hot chick a latte.. at least they deliver!! :) 


I'm completely amped for the new Il Mondo Vecchio shop to open. I can't remember if they are going to have a liquor license, but if they do I may never leave.


Mexican or Thai would be awesome.


 Yeah, Mexican or Thai topless women would be awesome.

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