How beer saved the world: An infographic on the historical benefits of beer

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Dating back to the time of the Egyptians, beer has benefited man (beer was prescribed as a medicine, naturally.) Through the modern age, beer was an economic driver behind railroad development, commercial refrigeration, and yes, the automatic (and hypnotic) bottling process.

Below is an infographic on other high points in the history of suds. So sit back, take a look and enjoy a beer while you do.

Beer Saved The World
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Zachary Ari
Zachary Ari

Hmm. You know, it has been suggested that our ancestor's thirst for brews made human civilization possible - by driving man to cultivate cereal crops, fruits and vegetables to ferment. I suppose hunger may have had something to do with the development of agriculture as well, but after all, isn't beer food?

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