Three wines that prove why moscato isn't just for hip-hop stars

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The Infinite Monkey Theorem Black Muscat: Not just for hip-hop stars.
The wine world's practically been doing head spins over the past six months as notable hip-hop players Nelly, Drake, Kanye West, and even poor, misbegotten Lil Kim spit verses praising moscato, a fairly under-the-radar wine known by most as a sweet wine from Italy. It seems that a few vaunted members of the wine media took offense at urban peeps gettin' their drink on with a wine that a) is typically reserved for dessert and b) whose charms might be wasted on some of those allegedly less-than-sophisticated palates.

Haters notwithstanding, moscato sales in the U.S. are most definitely popping: Reports depict a jaw-dropping 73 percent increase equating to roughly 800,000 additional cases sold in 2011 than the year before. Frankly, we're inclined to celebrate anytime people are drinking more wine, regardless of dubious motivations. So it's perplexing how little love seems to be dedicated to breaking down myriad moscato-related myths and stereotypes that stretch far beyond the hip-hop community -- these are wines that everyone can (and should) be getting down with. Why the hell should rappers have all the fun? Below, we bring the goodness on three bottles of moscato that are more than worth the hype.

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