Spotted: Peyton Manning at Panzano, Elway's and Machete

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Entering Elway's.
Peyton Manning has good taste in restaurants -- and plenty of cash to cover the tabs, given his $95 million deal with the Denver Broncos. And this past weekend, he was already out hitting a few of the town's hot spots.

On Friday night, he was sighted at Panzano, the Italian restaurant at the Hotel Monaco helmed by Elise Wiggins.

On Saturday, he made it to Elway's Cherry Creek , the steakhouse where Tyler Wiard is in charge of the kitchen, for a birthday celebration that included his brother, Eli, and his father. That joint, of course just happens to be co-owned by his new boss, John Elway.

Our man at Machete.
And he wasn't done with Cherry Creek yet. An enterprising operative snapped this photo of Manning enjoying the sunshine -- didn't see much of that in Indianapolis, did you? -- at Machete.

Any other sightings? Post them below.

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I find this fascinating and creepy at the same time. The stalker photos bring the creepy

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