Photos: A sweet, swanky soiree at Sugarlicious for its three-month anniversary

Sugarlicious party 012.JPG
J. Wohletz
Jill Landman-Alfond, owner of Sugarlicious -- with chocolate-covered bacon.
Sugarlicious, a sweet shop in Cherry Creek, celebrated its three-month anniversary last night with colorful cocktails, a giant gummy bear ice sculpture, tasties from the pink Comida food truck and, of course, plenty of candy.

Sugarlicious party 006.JPG
J. Wohletz
Betsy Martin offers candy bracelets to party-goers.
Owner Jill Landman-Alfond, along with her staff and PR rep, Betsy Martin, gave party guests the pink-carpet roll-out, treating everyone to peppy '80s tunes, dishes of Pop Rocks and candy sushi, and ice-shots of Jolly Rancher vodka. To match the sweet stuff, Comida served up some delightful finger-foods, including grilled sirloin and sweet potato tacos, fish tacos with orange-jicama slaw, and spicy mushroom tostadas with garlic mash and crema.

Party-goers got to see the shop's new chocolate case, filled with confections from Nunu Chocolates -- everything from truffles to chocolate-covered potato chips and chocolate-covered bacon. Yes, crispy bacon strips enrobed in milk and white chocolate, and after a generous sample, it's hard to get the delicious taste of salt and chocolate out of your mouth, but why would you want to?

Well, maybe to replace it with more sweet flavors. Sugarlicious always seems to have new candies in the wall of bins, and this visit revealed raspberry gummy monkeys, white chocolate-covered gummy bears, gummy clownfish, tiny gummy cola-flavored panda bears and clodhoppers -- graham bit and chocolate clusters -- in vanilla, milk and dark chocolate, and cookies and cream.

Landman-Alfond seems to get as much buzz from her business as a pink ice-shot from the ingeniously constructed -- and candy-filled -- sculptured ice tower. Denver has definitely been a sweeter place since Sugarlicious moved in.

Check out these photos of Sugarlicious merry-making--and chocolate-covered bacon.

Sugarlicious party 023.JPG
J. Wohletz
A giant gummy bear ice sculpture.

Sugarlicious party 002.JPG
J. Wohletz
Comida's hot pink food truck.

Sugarlicious party 004.JPG
J. Wohletz
A small party guest enjoying the pink carpet.

Sugarlicious party 011.JPG
J. Wohletz
Sushi -- made of candy.

Sugarlicious party 024.JPG
J. Wohletz
A candied ice-shot facilitator.

Sugarlicious party 021.JPG
J. Wohletz
On this night, many shots were taken.

Sugarlicious party 013.JPG
J. Wohletz
Yes -- its chocolate-covered bacon!

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