Reader: If you don't like Highland patios, stick to Taco Bell

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gaia patio.jpg
The patio at Gaia is great for a long lunch or brunch.
It's still March, but it's patio weather. Every coffeehouse, bar and restaurant in town with even a scrap of sidewalk is putting out chairs and tables, so that diners can grab a few minutes (or more) of sun while enjoying a few beers and maybe some grub.

In honor of the early arrival of patio weather, Laura Shunk served up "Denver's top five patios for a lunch lunch," which inspired other suggestions....and some Highland-hating.

Says Patty-O:

Jealous much? You probably live in Arvada and don't even know what a patio is. I guess if you don't like rooftops, views of downtown, decent food then you're right, we should all shut the fuck up about the Highlands and stick to the best options for folks like you. There are some GREAT Taco Bells all over town with plenty of available indoor seating. Enjoy.

By the way, although it may not be the best patio for a long lunch (too busy), Linger -- on the edge of Highland in LoHi --was just named Best Patio With a View in the Best of Denver 2012.

What's your favorite patio? For brunch, lunch (short or long), happy hour?

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Gaia Bistro

1551 S. Pearl St., Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant


2030 W. 30th Ave., Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

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The bar at Willis Case golf course 49th and Vrain has the nicest views of any patio in the city. The food isn't great but the happy hour prices are.


Is Patty-O really Jennster???? :P


Actually, the Taco Bell at 351 South Broadway has a very good patio. Flowering shrubs and a great view of the mountains.


thanks, dave. that's a great tip for next year's Best of Denver!

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