Reader: Roam story was out of line -- wake up, Mr. Editor

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Tony Clement is no longer at home at Roam.
Win some, lose some. Roam got a rave review in the Denver Post today -- too bad the restaurant is no longer open. As Lori Midson reported late yesterday, Daniel Kuhlman, the owner of 1033 East 17th Avenue -- which started out as the wine bar Tastes, then became Wild Catch, then transformed into Roam after original chef Justin Brunson and his staff walked out -- just kicked out Tony Clement, the chef who'd created "something special," according to the Post's review, as well as the rest of the crew.

And then he made a grab for Midson's camera, which had captured Kuhlman wagging a finger at Clement.

Midson has written about the wild goings on at Wild Catch and its successor for months, but that didn't satisfy ComeOn, who comments:

What is the purpose of this story?

Daniel sounds like a real piece of work... and s^&*.... but the story seems a bit out of line... obviously there were very few patrons, so it's not a public interest story... I'm guessing the writer and chef are friends?

Geeeeze, I hope my business never goes under so I don't get bashed in my favorite local rag.

Wake up Mr. Editor

The purpose of the story? How about reporting on yet another dramatic change at one of the most troubled dining addresses in town? A change that wound up with the owner of the address trying to grab the reporter's camera? And the cops being called for the second time that day? Sounds like a story to me.

Read Lori Midson's Chef and Tell interview with Tony Clement -- when he was still in the kitchen at Roam -- here.

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I will henceforth refer to Ms. Calhoun as, "Mr. Editor."

Readers, myself included, enjoy a good trainwreck.  This doesn't top the time the owner of the stick-food place by D.U. went batshit insane, but it's interesting nonetheless.  Especially since Brunson and Clement are so good.

Jon S
Jon S

Speaking of businesses going under, after surviving the original rash of closures, the original Spicy Pickle at 988 Lincoln Street is now shut down..


"Read Lori Midson's Chef and Tell interview with Tony Clement -- when he was still in the kitchen at Roam -- here." The link is broken.

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