Sexy Pizza now open on South Pearl Street

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There's no sign outside yet, but Sexy Pizza is now open at 1579 South Pearl Street. Throughout the first day of business today, passersby wandered in, wondering where they were. Some were looking for the Crushery, where homemade bagels could be "crushed" with over 75 ingredients. But Crushery owner John Davidson sold his spot to Sexy Pizza's Kayvan Khalatbari, and the deal closed at the end of February.

Sexy Pizza, which touts its New York style pizza, opened its first location in Capitol Hill in April 2008; the spot offers free delivery as well as eat-in specials.

Khalatbari quickly turned around the South Pearl space, adding Warhol-like paintings on the wall and a giant pink mixer; there are comfortable wooden booths for those who want to eat in. There's also patio seating in front of the roll-up garage door on good weather, and Sexy Pizza plans to make good use of the location's existing liquor license with happy-hour deals.

What makes this new spot sexy? "You just have to come and find out for yourself," the manager says.

Find more on this Sexy Pizzas hours and offerings here.

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Sexy Pizza

1579 S. Pearl St., Denver, CO

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pretty bad food, very slow service, and employees that think its coll to be rude to their customers


All I've seen since the announcement of Sexy Pizza opening is a bunch of hipster doofuses bitching and moaning about how they've moved in on Kaos. So there's two pizza places on South Pearl? Big fucking deal. Now there are two pizza places that have a couple things in common: ridiculous names and great pizza.


Kaos and Sexy pizza are two totally different styles of pizza there is definitely room for both in the area.


What a worthwhile and illuminating comment.


Perhaps... only time will tell, but considering that the Crushery claimed Pajama Baking encroached on its business and the two had very little in common, I find it hard to think that both Sexy and Kaos will live in harmony.  Also consider that the space occupied by Kaos used to be Nosh, which served gelato... and that too was put out of business by PBC, despite serving a different style of frozen dessert. Also consider that Sexy has more direct competition from Anthony's on Evans, which sells NY style pizza and is much closer and convenient for the DU student customer base.

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