Reader: Street 16 is down to eight...but are the Highland Mommies playing fair?

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The first round of our Street 16 menu matchup has taken a sharp chef's knife to the original sixteen neighborhood contestants, whittling them down to eight.

And the contest between Larimer Square and Tennyson, backed by the powerful Berkeley neighborhood, has some people calling for the ref.

Says Aceranchero:

It look like the Highlands Mommies or some such social mafia really came out for Tennyson over Larimer Square -- seriously, as if anything on Tennyson solo or combined equals Rioja, Bistro Vendome or TAG individually. And out they came again for Highland West over LoDo. Evidently they don't travel further than they can push the baby carriage for good food. I'm a fan of all four neighborhoods but Venue is still recovering from their young chef being poached by Bonanno; I can't go with 'gringo-fied' Mexican when the real deal is nearby on Federal or 38th; can't accept losing soul and history by booting El Chap and Wynkoop.

Well, this is one game where the fans can definitely call the shots, and we know that the Highland Mommies don't pull any punches in fighting for their neighborhood. Still, it's not too late to vote for your home team in the semi-finals; find more info here.

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Nothing about the Street 16 has been posted on HM, that I've seen. It's been all Facebook, all the time.  We're a tight-knit community with lots and lots of pride in our local businesses and we like to support them whenever we can!


You asked for people to vote for their favorite restaurants in their favorite neighborhoods.  You cannot make a poll and be upset about the results.  Many people, including myself, moved to Tennyson or Highlands for the food and the neighborhood feel well before we had children.  I think all of the neighborhoods listed are excellent. It cannot be denied that the restaurants on Tennyson that survived the street scape construction from last year could have only done so because they are great.  It is easy to believe "mommies" will fight for their neighborhoods.  The success of any neighborhood is the involvment of the members of it's community.  Getting involved is what "mommies" do best.


I thought the chef from Venue was working the burners at Parisi/Firenze a Tavola?

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