Photos: Pedal power at Denver Beer Co., 4/7/12

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Brandon Marshall
Pat, left, and Kit, right, prepare to grind more than 600 pounds of barley on Saturday. Slide show: Denver Beer Co. uses pedal power.
The owners of Denver Beer Co. found out how long it takes a bike-powered grain mill to chew up barley when they hooked the mill to a stationary bike provided by their Platte Street neighbor, Salvagetti Bicycle Workshop, and fired up the contraption.

Read more: Denver Beer Co. uses pedal power to grind its malted barley. Photos by Brandon Marshall for Westword -- see the full slide show here: "Denver Beer co. uses pedal power."

Brandon Marshall
Charlie, the brewmaster, hoisting one of twelve bags of barley. Slide show: Denver Beer Co. uses pedal power.

Brandon Marshall
Olivia works for her beer. Slide show: Denver Beer Co. uses pedal power.

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Denver Beer Co.

1695 Platte St., Denver, CO

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aweomse.  two companies i hate joining forces to make more shitty beer ironically.  

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