Three Colorado winemakers worthy of Drink Local Wine week love

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It's Drink Local Wine week -- so start drinking local, already!
A little more than nine months ago, we ruffled a lot more than a few feathers by voicing our opinion on the local wine industry. Everyone from the Front Range Winery Association to hobbyist vintners juiced over where we got the balls to speak our minds on such an -- unbeknownst to us -- unbelievably controversial topic.

Dozens of comments, e-mails and telephone calls later, it became abundantly clear that while plenty of folks vehemently disagreed with our assertions, others thought we were pretty much on point. What we weren't as sure of was whether either camp realized how much the debate we'd sparked stayed on our minds -- and set us on a mission to more fully explore all that Colorado winemakers have to offer. In the ensuing months, we've found ourselves trying to sample as much local juice as possible, eager to try the stellar bottles we'd been admonished for overlooking and, just as eagerly, hoping to hell that some of the not-so-appealing attributes we'd come across might have been addressed.

As the spotlight on locally made vino continues to shine ever brighter (Colorado plays host to the fourth annual Drink Local Wine conference this week, followed by the return of the Colorado Urban Winefest in June and the inaugural Front Range Wine Festival in August), we'll bet you're wondering whether all that guzzling of local hooch -- ahem, research -- would have us ready to change our tune about the state of our state's wines. Consider our tune changed: Read on for the juice on which Colorado winemakers are especially worthy of your Drink Local Wine week -- make that any week -- love:

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Canyon Wind Cellars

Jennifer Christianson is actually the mind behind Anemoi - but thanks!

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