Five hilarious craft beer videos: Drink 'em in.

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Wynkoop Brewing pulled off an outstanding April Fool's Day joke last weekend, producing this ballsy video about a fake beer: Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout. "These testicles; they're very fresh." In fact, it could be one of the funniest, best-produced joke videos to come out of our state's 140-plus craft brewers. What are some of the others? Glad you asked. Check out some of these great ones on the next two pages.

5) Left Hand Brewing shows you how to pour -- and then pound -- their Nitro Milk Stout.

4) Great Divide gets the old-school treatment from Moonship Media, which made this unauthorized but awesome commercial.

3) Start with Breckenridge Brewing's most recent commercial -- the Least Interesting Man in the World -- which won Westword's Best Local TV Commercial this year, and then watch the other half dozen or so. They're all brilliant.

The top 2 are on Page 2.

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Coincidentally, I felt like I was drinking testicles the last time I had a Wynkoop beer!


Great stuff! Keep it coming!


Well, we do make a lot of ballsy beer. I'll be happy to guide you through our medal-winning beer list and help you find a Wynkoop beer that makes you go nuts.

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