Five incredible pink wines to kick off rosé drinking season

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Are you ready for rosé season?
A sun-soaked, 75-plus degree afternoon for the Rockies' home opener. Buds blooming on the trees outside our terrace. Flip-flop adorned feet everywhere we look. Seems it's been an age since Denver enjoyed a springtime as warm and inviting as this one -- and the early onset of balmier temps has brought along with it the sooner-than-normal arrival of another sure-fire sign of spring: the official start of rosé drinking season.

Pink wine addicts like us actually quaff the stuff practically year round, but it's usually May before our recycling tub is littered with empty rosé bottles. Not so in 2012, as we'd already fallen head over heels in love with five truly superb (and unique) pink wines before we'd flipped the calendar page to April. With an even more gorgeous weather forecast ahead, we felt obligated to share this love so that you, too, can get into the rosé wine groove ahead of schedule. Read on for our picks on which killer pinks to pour right now:


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I love Rosés.How about some in the $7 price range?For us "more economical drinkers".


Dave try some of the Barefoot Wines Product at your local Liquor Store.. Or ask someone on the staff at the same store. Its tough to find rose under $8.00 Retail.. They are on the shelves for sure

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