Gary Lee's Motor Club & Grub is now open...finally

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When Gary Lee Bomar, a veteran of the Denver restaurant industry, took over a dilapidated garage on South Broadway almost a year ago, he planned to refurbish the space and build a bar and restaurant with a menu full of smoked meats and cheeses. And while his remodel was always going to be labor intensive, he never dreamed he'd hit so many delays in the process.

His first snag was with the West Wash Park Neighborhood Association, which fought his liquor license application because they worried about parts of Bomar's plan -- that group wanted him to nix his motorcycle parking, for example, and scale back his patio to minimize noise.

After negotiations, Bomar made concessions, landed the right to serve booze, and began construction on his project, then slated to open in October of last year.

The project, though, was bigger than expected. "We pretty much rebuilt everything," he explained after his original opening date had come and gone. "We gutted the place and raised the roof. Even the beams were all rotted. We gave it new life." And those construction delays pushed the date to early spring...and then Saint Patrick's Day...and then April, as the crew worked out the final kinks and waited for inspections.

On Saturday, however, the restaurant finally opened it doors, inviting the neighbors in to taste what Bomar's been cooking up for the past eleven months -- which means he can finally put all the construction delays behind him and get on with business.

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Gary Lee's Motor Club and Grub

176 S. Broadway, Denver, CO

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West Washington Park is starting to get a horrible reputation for shooting down any restaurant that wants anything in its establishment (besides hand sanitizer) that contains alcohol. Is there really that big of a problem in that area with restaurants and alcohol consumption? I'm there fairly often and I just don't understand the big hullabaloo.

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