Gustavo Arellano's favorite "Den-Mex" joints (infographic)

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This week's feature story, "Mexican Hamburger Helper," by Gustavo Arellano, takes a look at the unique "Den-Mex" cuisine. Proclaims Arellano:

I have finally learned to love Den-Mex. Your epic Mexican hamburgers, your combo plates slathered -- scratch that, smothered -- in furious chile. Your street-corner, foil-wrapped burritos steaming with chunks of pork, the late-night runs to Chubby's. (Chubby's! The greatest Mexican restaurant in the United States! More on that in a bit.) When I first came and tasted Den-Mex, I dismissed ustedes as a heresy as dangerous to Mexican culture as the only Mexican thing I knew about Denver at the time: Tom Tancredo.

That's now changed: I'll devote the rest of my life to spreading your gospel, with the fervor of the converted.

In our story, Arellano -- he of the weekly Ask a Mexican! column -- writes of his favorite Mexican restaurants. As a handy guide for newbies and natives alike, here's a map of some choice Den-Mex spots, by Jay Vollmar.

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Esteban Peralta
Esteban Peralta

Chubby's is a Denver institution and their burritos are heart attacks wrapped in tortillas, but there is nothing better after a late night out. I gotta say though, as a Mexican-American Denver native who grew up in west Denver, all the other places on this list really aren't deserving of it. El Noa Noa has been around a long time, but the food is for tourists and Chipotle?? Really?? I love Chipotle, but there are so many places in Denver more deserving of a mention:

La CasitaEl Taco de MexicoLa Casa de ManuelLas DeliciasTorres

and many more...

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