Hana Japanese Bistro gives orders with your order

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Mark Manger
Ramen at Hana Japanese Sushi.
Hana Japanese Bistro is the complete package -- complete with instructions on how to eat there, too.

During a recent meal at this six-month-old spot in Louisville, every dish came with a lesson plan. "Eat the hand rolls first," our server advised as she dropped off a tray of sushi that included several spicy tuna hand rolls. "They get soggy if you let them sit."

The nage mono beef sukiyaki hot pot was delivered with this command: "Dump the bowl of rice in and mix well."

The server even called in reinforcements -- the chef -- to help us deal with the zaru soba, since this traditional dish of cold buckwheat noodles came with a half dozen accoutrements. "Not so much wasabi!" cried the chef, wide-eyed, as I plunked a tablespoon into the tsuyu into the mix. "Use your chopstick! Get some of it out!"

After following orders, we finally got around to eating.

And how was the food? Find out this afternoon, when the review is posted here.

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Hana Japanese Bistro

1148 W. Dillon Road, Louisville, CO

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