iSushi now open in Denver's Arts District on Santa Fe

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Santa Fe Drive has an old American diner, a new American diner, an Ethiopian restaurant...and lots of Mexican options. And now there's sushi, too. iSushi opened yesterday at 801 Santa Fe; the Japanese restaurant is offering "simple classics," as well as dishes with "a more creative twist."

View the menu here.

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And since iSushi is located along the route of the First Friday art walk, the restaurant will be open till 1 a.m. every first Friday of the month starting in May.

Check iSushi's Facebook page for updates on a grand opening event in the next few weeks.

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801 Santa Fe Drive, Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

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iGuess this is the new fad. The little "i" before everything. iLame. On another note, this looks just like iFish... Real original.

Jon S
Jon S

Speaking of sushi spots opening, I saw a banner on the former Hole space on Tennyson saying a sushi joint was coming soon.

On an unrelated note, what's up with the weird Apple-ization of sushi restaurants? First iFish, now iSushi? Perhaps sushi just wasn't quite hipster enough before.


I was in the Bay area recently and saw a restaurant named iPho. Asians must think white people think iThings are cool.

Good talk. I'm gonna go rub one out so I can have an iGasm.

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