Reader: Denver is being flooded with pizza places

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Pizza at Right Coast Pizza.
Yesterday's news that Fired Up, a new pizza joint, will soon be opening in the Golden Triangle inspired this comment from Manfrenjensen:
WTF is up with all the new pizza joints opening up all of a sudden?? I thought the upscale burger, cupcake, and DIY frozen yogurt trends were something, but I think the influx of pizzerias has surpassed all of them. That said, I'm all for new GOOD pizza places, and I am hoping that more than a few of these new ones prove out and survive.
What's next?

More pizza?

An hour later, in response to the news that Toppings, a new pizza joint, is opening in LoDo, Manfrenjensen says:

Ha! Apparently, a new pizza joint opened in the time it took me to comment on the previous article about the influx of new pizza joints!

Can there ever be too much pizza? What neighborhoods are over-pied, and which could use a slice?

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Looks like a pizza joint is opening in the old Sabor Latino location. All these new places, and I have yet to find a pizza in N. Denver/ Highlands I enjoy more than a Carl's.


What's next? Meatball restaurants, according to some East Coasters where they've been rolling out of restaurant kitchens in Manhattan and Brooklyn ever since The Meatball Shop opened on the Lower East Side a couple of years ago . Croation cuisine should be, according to Anthony Bourdain on a recent "No Reservations."


Makes sense that a lot of economical restaurants are opening. The middle class is being squeezed and many people can't afford $20 per entree + $6 per beer chef driven restaurants on a regular basis.

It would be nice if there were more fun/economical + healthy options opening in addition to all the burger and pizza joints.


Someone should probably start opening Taco joints...Hip-Ghetto taco joints!

Scott B
Scott B

Witness also the influx of gourmet hot dog joints. The hot dog became popular in the Depression as a cheap, filling meal. Of course, when a hot dog (made primarily from peckers, lips, and assholes) with fries (made from a nickel's worth of spuds) costs 10 bucks, you have to wonder what the hell went wrong. A $6 Chipotle burrito that has good ingredients and provides almost all the calories you need for a day is a much better value proposition.

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