Photos: Margs Taco Bistro opens today in Cherry Creek

Lori Midson
Notoriously sleepy Cherry Creek, where most people tuck into a martini at 5 and turn to their feather pillow by 7, was pulsating Wednesday night, at least at Margs Taco Bistro, the Mexican taco bar that originated in downtown Denver before adding a second location in the heart of Cherry Creek in the former space of Einstein Bros Bagel at 200 Fillmore Street.

And judging from the crowds -- there were well over 200 revelers pounding margaritas and shoving tacos down their gullet at Wednesday night's friends and family gathering -- Cherry Creek might actually begin to breathe again, which is exactly what GM Bryan Brutsch is hoping for. "This is an awesome location, and I really think that Cherry Creek needs a cool, fun place to hang out that's also affordable," he says. Amen to that.

Margs opens to the general public at some point today, although Brutsch isn't entirely certain when. "We're definitely opening today, maybe for lunch, maybe for dinner, or maybe we'll get the party started with happy hour," he muses. In any case, if you go, call first; the number is 303-321-6274. In the meantime, We stopped by Wednesday night to check out the action -- and eat and drink -- and brought back a series of photos to get your stomach rumbling.

Location Info

Marg's World Taco Bistro

200 Fillmore St., Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

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"Cherrycreek needs a fun cool place"?? "amen to that" probably you haven't heard of MACHETE!!!


"Margs opens to the general pubic at some point today,".............The general PUBIC?  Nevertheless, I 'll try out this place next week.

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