Foodography (cobras and scorpions count as food, right?) from Adrift

Lori Midson
Yesterday morning, three Buddhist monks appeared at Adrift to bless the new tiki bar, a ritual for co-owner Jay Dedrick, who has asked Buddhist monks to ceremonially bless all of his Denver restaurants, including his four Swing Thai joints. And last night, during an animated -- very animated -- friends-and-family dinner at Adrift (which should open to the public on Wednesday), executive chef Wade Kirwan blessed children and adults with a sample of his cooking.

But last night wasn't just about eating: Liquid culture was abundant, both in the tiki cocktails (some with umbrellas, others bereft of the adornment) and in a very special whiskey that was bottled in Thailand and bluntly showcases what happens when a dead cobra and a scorpion intersect -- literally. By the time the whiskey bottle reached our table, the majority of it was swishing around in the stomachs of other imbibers, but there was enough left over for a shot or two, and since I've already stomached a tarantula -- and survived -- what's a cobra and scorpion going to do? Kill me? No such luck.

Those of you who are curious about what it tastes like can find out for yourself, since the bar still has a few bottles of the liquid courage on the shelves, plus an additional bottle harboring a lizard -- but suffice it to say that it's gamy, peppery, remarkably pungent and, if you're squeamish, not particularly enjoyable to handle. You can see for yourself on the following pages, which also include snaps of Kirwan's delicious dishes and the bar's tiki drinks.

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I saw no vegetarian options?  Guess I'll just have to drink my dinner... *sigh*

Robert Pinz
Robert Pinz

A cobra, a scorpion, and a chicken ( me ). No way would I drink from that bottle! But it's a great photo and you have my admiration for bravery vs adversity in the line of duty!

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