Photos: Pig roast at Oak at Fourteenth

oak rioja pig head.jpg
Sarah Cowell
A snowstorm might not be the best weather for a pig roast, but that didn't prevent a crowd from descending on Boulder's Oak at Fourteenth last night for the restaurant's first quarterly pig roast, a new tradition that was slated to get off the ground the very week the six-month-old spot went up in flames last year.

"We had the pig in the cooler," owner Bryan Dayton revealed to the gathered crowd. "But like everything else, it went up in smoke."

He and chef/co-owner Steve Redzikowski wanted to give the tradition another try, though, and they channeled Rioja for this inaugural event because it was culturally appropriate, Dayton says: The Spanish have a tradition of gathering for feasts like these over roasted meats and wine.

Giuliana Imports owner Steve Lewis was responsible for the wine pairings, and he hauled out some exceptional finds for the occasion. Missed the dinner? Here's a serving of food photos that recap the event.

oak rioja course 1.jpg
Sarah Cowell
Rosemary-whipped lardo, spicy salami and grilled baguette kicked off the festivities.

oak rioja rose.jpg
Sarah Cowell
The first course paired with a 2005 Muga rose.

oak rioja course 2.jpg
Sarah Cowell
This terrine of pig's head, fried pickle and sweet and sour onions paired with a 2007 Ramirez de la Piscina Crianza.

oak rioja course 3.jpg
Sarah Cowell
Springy calamari and fennel-flecked sausage stewed in oregano sofrito and dusted with citrus-y bread crumbs.

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Oak at Fourteenth

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