Photos: Panzano's Elise Wiggins breaks down a wild Russian boar

Eric Gruneisen
Elise Wiggins of Panzano.
Executive chef Elise Wiggins of Panzano, our Best Italian Restaurant in the Best of Denver 2012, broke down a 175-pound wild Russian boar from Tender Belly in her restaurant's kitchen on Saturday afternoon. And of course, we wanted to show you where the bacon -- and much of the other meat used in special dishes at Panzano this week -- comes from. Photos below! (Warning: Not for the squeamish, or probably vegetarians.)

All photos by Eric Gruneisen for Westword.

Russian Wild Boar-1.jpg
This 175-pound wild boar was slaughtered last Wednesday, then prepped for use by Panzano.

Russian Wild Boar-2.jpg

Russian Wild Boar-3.jpg
Chef Elise Wiggins holds a portion of the head of the wild boar as she begins to break down the new menu item; 100 percent of the animal will be used, she says. She begins removing the primal sections of the animal first.

Russian Wild Boar-4.jpg
The head is to the first part to be removed. Wiggins uses a hack saw to do the job.

Russian Wild Boar-5.jpg
Meat is removed from the boar's face.

Russian Wild Boar-6.jpg
Preparing to remove the front quarter.

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That was really interesting - thanks for posting it.  Was that thing really shot by some Russian hunter in the wilds of Siberia?

C. Howell
C. Howell

Thanks for sharing these disgusting images.  I will never eat at this restaurant if it's the last place in Denver!  No respect for living things.


100% really? So who calls dibs on that yummy pig butt hole? The dried up eyeballs are particularly good today...Couldn't we just go with 99% and assume there are some things that really should go in the trash?


No respect for living things is eating nothing but chops and tenderloins.  Respect is in understanding where your food comes from, understanding how to handle it from start to finish, and using every part of a beautiful creature to make beautiful food.  Believe it or not, C. Howell, every Filet Mignon had eyeballs and a life and a death.


 Where do you think the meat comes from in every other restaurant?


But all the respect in the world for dead things! It would be a disservice to treat that pig in any manor other than how it's shown here. That pig will feed a whole lot of people.

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