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Mark Manger
Though I love Los Carboncitos, which is owned by brothers Cesar, Roberto and Ignacio Leon, I wasn't thrilled with Paxia, the restaurant they opened last year in the Sunnyside neighborhood. Although the atmosphere is very peaceful, as I discovered when I ate there for this week's review, the food can be very, very dry.

That said, Paxia has a nice patio and good margaritas, which still makes it a tempting destination on a saunny day -- especially because Los Carboncitos has no outdoor seating and no liquor license. Here, to go with my review, is a side of photos:

Mark Manger
Enchiladas mineras, one of the many enchilada dishes on the menu.

Mark Manger
Camarones al mojo de ajo: garlic shrimp.

Mark Manger
Quesadillas stuffed with chicken.

Mark Manger
Tostada de tinga with chipotle-marinated beef and queso fresco.

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Paxia - Alta Cocina Mexicana

4001 Tejon St., Denver, CO

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Sorry, but this review is pretty useless. Paxia is a wonderful restaurant that serves delicious food in a hip, welcoming atmosphere. It's a fabulous addition to the Sunnyside neighborhood.

Dry?? pah. Some of the menu selections that make my mouth water just thinking about them: fresh guacamole prepared table-side; the ceviche; the tlacoyos; any of the molcajete dishes; and the flourless chocolate cake. Oh yeah, and the delicious cocktails. Hmm, craving...


Table side guacamole?  When will that stupid trend die?!?!?

Wes Morgan
Wes Morgan

OK, I read the review (after posting my comment, naturally), and I can't say I've had any of the things the reviewer ordered. The dish I usually get is the mar y tierra (surf and turf) molcajete. It is divine, and about as dry as Lake Michigan.

Wes Morgan
Wes Morgan

The food can be very dry?!? Are you crazy? Listen, people, the food here is great. I don't know what this reviewer is ordering. I've never had anything you could conceivably label as "dry." I love Los Carboncitos too (which, ironically, is pretty dry if you don't get things smothered), but this is a whole other league above that.

Try Paxia. You won't be disappointed.

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