Reader: Panning Paxia -- are you crazy?

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Los Carboncitas is a great Mexican restaurant, and one that actually focuses on the foods of Mexico, rather than Tex Mex or Colorado Mex or Den-Mex, as Gustavo Arellano calls the food at this town's standard Mexican joints. So Laura Shunk was eager to try Paxia, the upscale sibling of Los Carboncitas. But while she liked the concept and the setting, as she reports in her review of Paxia, several dishes were dry, dry, dry.

Says Wes:

The food can be very dry?!? Are you crazy? Listen, people, the food here is great. I don't know what this reviewer is ordering. I've never had anything you could conceivably label as "dry." I love Los Carboncitos too (which, ironically, is pretty dry if you don't get things smothered), but this is a whole other league above that.

Try Paxia. You won't be disappointed.

Have you tried Paxia? What did you think? Post your comments below.

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Paxia - Alta Cocina Mexicana

4001 Tejon St., Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

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I have to strongly disagree with this review. I live in the neighborhood and have been a few times. Everything I have eaten has been good to great. I brought out of town guests here a couple weeks ago and we shared, so I had a chance to try a lot of different things. All the food is very authentic and I have never experienced anything dry. I personally like the enchilada verde alot! It is so weird that the reviewer didn't order any items that are more representative of the restaurant like molcajete, tlayocos. I am not a mole fan myself but I have separate friends who have lived in Mexico and they swear the mole is the best ever. Lastly, there was barely any mention of the margaritas which are really strong and delicious!! Most places are too sweet and use cheap tequila. I hate these blogs but Paxia is such a great addition to the local restaurant scene I just couldn't stop myself.


LOVE Paxia!  Great food, ambiance and service.  The ceviche and poblano soup were both yummy.  Another time took a group of suburban friends for a bday dinner in the beautiful private room and everyone raved!


I wonder what the term "dry" meant here....

As in "this tortilla is dry! I need to wash it down!"

Or " the food here is dry and boring, nothin here is really getting my taste buds going in terms of creativity"

If the latter, I agree. Although everything was great, and I have no complaints, I felt there was nothing here that I would consider "upscale"


I have only been to Paxia once. Had the lamb chops. They was fabulous and not dry.


I've only been to Paxis once.  We loved it.  She had a combo plate and I had the chicken mole.  Very delicious and certainly not dry in any way.  Place is lovely and the margaritas rock.

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