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Last month, the seafood hot pot at Da Lat rated a 100 Favorite Dishes designation. But when Heather Miller ordered it, the dish contained an unexpected ingredient: a cockroach. Lori Midson shared her cockroach story here , and the comments have been flying.

Should the dish have been comped? The whole meal? And does this story belong on Cafe Society at all?

Says Doughboy:

It's an interesting ethics issue to me. No doubt this will get undue attention for one probably random dining event. It can indicate a larger infestation, or it can simple bad luck. Is it really right to report it and publicize it? I guess Westword will have to answer that question for themselves but for me I probably wouldn't report it. I was in one of the best restaurants in Denver three weeks ago, and I had the very unpleasant experience of having something caught in my teeth from my salad, and when I tugged it out, it was a long black hair. I practically gagged, but you know what, I didn't complain about it or say anything because I knew it would spoil the good time with my wife and friends. And what could the restaurant really do about it? Is a 50 dollar refund going to fix anything if it was an accident? It's a hair, and who knows whether some poor kitchen practices led to it being in my salad or whether it was just was bad luck. You are naive if you don't believe they haven't eaten all sorts of feces, mucus, hairs, bugs, ecoli, salmonella etc. from their own kitchens or from the finest restaurants in the world. The quality of restaurant can probably lower the probability of these things happening, but eliminating them altogether is an impossibility. A cockroach isn't going to kill you, and you will just have to accept it as one of the risks of living in this world.

What do you think Da Lat should have done for this diner? What would you have done if you were the diner? And why is that plate so clean? Post your thoughts below, or join the conversation already under way here.

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There is quite a difference between a hair and a cockroach!  I think there is no excuse for a restaurant to serve a dish with a cockroach on the plate.  They should be checking their presentation on every dish served, and quite frankly, a cockroach is much harder to miss than a hair.  On top of that, they could have redeemed themselves but failed to do so with any form of apology or compensation.  Regardless if it remedies the situation, the gesture is truly what matters.  I support this being publicized 100%. 


I found a cockroach in my copy of Westword...


The more you talk about this, the quicker this place shuts down! So who is the bug?


I agree.  I have and continue to overlook a hair.  But a cockroach, espescially one still moving, is and should be made public knowledge.  To top it off, when called about it on the phone they still had not taken action.  This leads me to believe this is not an isolated incident.  This serisouly makes me wonder even if I wouldn't see a huge creature on my plate at this restaurant, it doesn't mean there aren't bits and pieces of them mixed in by accident.  The health department can't be everywhere. I am thankful of Westword for being responsible citizens by making this public knowledge.  Thank you Westword!


"There is quite a difference between a hair and a cockroach!"

Yeah, LOTS more protein!!

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