Reader: No chowder? Clam up about the best seafood restaurants!

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Jax Fish House in LoDo is Denver's Best Seafood Restaurant.
Denver may be landlocked, but our ship occasionally comes in -- loaded with fresh fish. Yesterday we served up Denver's five best seafood restaurants.

Says UncleDave8:

I can totally back this list. Refreshing change from most Denver diners' choices like The Fresh Fish Company, Pappadeaux, Oceanaire and Ocean Prime.

Still, there were quibbles:

Says Mike:

New England Style Seafood is much needed. I really really miss Fried Clams Strips and great Clam Chowder. Please make it happen someone!

And then there's this from Newschaser:

Fried clam "strips" are not real New England seafood ... you'd want full belly clams and steamers with necks ... strips are garbage deep-water shellfish cut up and breaded commercially, not real clams plucked out of the sand. Think Essex clams. And a can of Moxie.

Have any suggestions for clams -- fried, Essex or otherwise? Post them, and any other favorite seafood spots, below, or joint the discussion of best seafood restaurants already under way here.

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Jax Fish House

1539 17th St., Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

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I'm with Newschaser - clam strips ain't seafood any more than fishsticks are.  If there's no belly, it's just a rubbery little fried bit and not worth eating.  

Mmmm, Moxie.


"joint the discussion"

Like William Breathes?


Moxie.Now, that is a New England tonic.


You both simply have had bad clam strips. Sorry to hear that, hope you found good ones someday.

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