Reader: Second Home is home to cougar- and cub-hunting, too

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Second Home, before the Creeker crush.
After service flubs detracted from the excellent food Laura Shunk discusses in herrecent review of Charcoal, she lamented about poor service in general around town. But there are also many restaurants that do things right, and she highlighted a quintet of them in "Five examples of great service in Denver."

Turns out, some of these restaurants -- like Second Home -- are known for assets beyond their service.

Says Jenn:

Second Home is one of my go-to faves--and I find it funny as hell that someone else noticed the massive cougar-hunt going on there. It's way worse in the summer when the patio is busy, and I must also admit to seeing more than a few cougars going "cub-hunting" there as well. Better than cable, really.

If you are a wealthy middle-aged lady or a broke twenty-something bloke, then Second Home is the place to go.

Is Second Home the place to go? If you want to meet a potential mate or just find some quick company, where do you go?

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43 W. 9th Ave., Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

Second Home Kitchen and Bar

150 Clayton Lane, Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

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Somebody needs to open up a restaurant named Cougars. Or just rename Elway's Cherry Creek.

Jenn the Barbarian
Jenn the Barbarian

 Seriously--last summer I nicknamed the cougars on the patio at Second Home the "Charge of the Sundress Brigade," but them my friend pointed out that "CCCs" or "Cherry Creek Cougars" sounded better--more like a roller derby team.

True story: 2 summers ago I had a seriously bad first/last date with a post-D bitterman that I met on the internetz, and when it became painfully apparent that he was not in a good emotional place to date, I left him there to simmer in the delicious cougar-stew, because it seemed like the best thing for both of us.


Naming a restaurant in Cherry Creek "Cougars" would be too risky. In order to survive in CC, you must be able to quickly transform into a kid friendly joint in case your restaurant doesn't catch on with the 30+ Houston's loyalists.


Oh come on Jennster, we all know you're a lesbertarian and were there for the Crougars.

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