Spotted over the weekend: Madeleine Albright at Steuben's

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Madeline Albright, the 64th United States Secretary of State, with Steuben's general manager Jeff Bustos.
Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright was in Denver over the weekend, promoting her pin collection, "Read My Pins," that's currently installed at the Denver Art Museum, and revisiting the town where she spent her teenage years.

Albright was born in Czechoslovakia, then moved to this country with her family in 1948, when her father, Josef Korbel, applied for asylum. He wound up with a teaching job in the political science department at the University of Denver in Denver, and ultimately became dean of the university's Josef Korbel School of International Studies.

Albright graduated Kent Denver School in 1955, then went on to Wellesley College; during one summer break, she worked as an intern at the Denver Post.

While in Denver this trip, she returned to the University of Denver to discuss foreign policy...and stopped off for lunch on Saturday at Steuben's, the all-American joint on 17th Avenue that serves tricked-out versions of classic comfort food.

According to the restaurant's Facebook page, Albright ordered a green chile cheeseburger and two orders of Brussels sprouts. And of course, she was wearing a pin -- just as she did when she was representing this country as Secretary of State, sending a message through her choice of jewelry. Her brooch this time? A kachina doll.

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Steuben's Food Service

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Atleast it's a more interesting story than the ex Westword Intern leaving his job




and more interesting than where Peyton Manning-Tim Tebow-John Elway-name-your-sports-doofus ate.

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