The trucks stopped here: South High on Saturday

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manna fro heaven.jpg
Lori Midson
Bahn mi from Manna From Heaven.
The first truck gathering of the season rolled into the parking lot by South High School on Saturday, with dozens of outfits serving everything from chile to tater tots.

Lori Midson
Patty melt from PinkTank.
Even the chilly weather didn't discourage food fans from trying out the truck fare.

Hungry for more? See Lori Midson's slide show here.

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Food Truck Season? There is no season. Several food trucks were out all year long. Manna From Heaven, Basic Kneads, Bob's Blazin, Route 40, Arepas, PinkTank, Chef Driven, Crock Spot, and Street Eats were out serving serious food all winter long. They were the ones who kept the Food Truck industry alive while others went into hibernation. Where are all the articles about the Food Truck Row? THOSE are the events that livened up Denver every week. The people who slaved away in the bitter cold deserve a couple articles, too!


My thoughts exactly! FINALLY, somebody who has the gall to speak up. There is no such season, food trucks are an industry, they're not like a fashion trend that goes in and out of popularity!

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