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Brett Wilhelm
Tyler Nemkov at Cured.
When Tyler Nemkov joined Cafe Society as a twenty-year-old intern from Johnson & Wales three years ago, he knew he wanted to pursue both a journalism and a culinary career.

He opted to keep working in kitchens while he earned his degree at the University of Colorado -- right before it closed its journalism school. And now he's found that life in the kitchen is no more permanent: Just a month after having been named executive chef at Mateo Restaurant Provencal, the 23-year-old has left that gig.

"We didn't see eye to eye," Nemkov offers as his reason for leaving so soon after owner Matthew Jansen had moved him into the top slot after it was vacated by Kelly Kingsford. "Making this decision was extremely difficult. But I'm proud to say I'm leaving on my own terms with my head held high. I appreciate dearly the time spent growing and learning and am excited for the future."

And at least Nemkov, who's also worked at Cured, Boulder's new specialty cheese shop, as well as Mateo, now has time to focus on school: He's slated to graduate CU in two weeks.

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Tyler is a first class young man with a lot of integrity, I'm sure there is more to the story.  I am confident Tyler will be a true professional in any career he decides to embrace.


I'm hoping Tyler had the good sense to realize he was in over his head.  Of course, I blame Mateo, too.  What were you thinking hiring a 23 year old executive chef?  Heavy is the head that wears the executive chef crown and it takes a lot more experience than Tyler has to wear it well.  He may have the makings of a wunderkind chef but it was disservice to him to push him so far so fast.


Lol, stay classy Tyler!  Nothing says reliable like bailing on your first exec position w/in a month. What a joke. Remind me not to hire him.


Well, he was working there already, so they were not hiring him cold and presumably had reason to believe he would and could succeed.  Nevertheless, I agree that it is darn young to survive at such a position.  And kind of mind-boggling that he didn't or couldn't see what the position held in store for him.

I'd say that it bodes poorly for his future, but the restaurant industry doesn't seem to care all that much.

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