A second Twin Peaks opens in Broomfield today

Twin Peaks, the Texas-based chain that first appeared in Colorado last year at Colorado Mills, has opened a new location at 299 East Flatiron Crossing Drive in Broomfield.

The restaurant boasts numerous high-definition TVs, a made-from-scratch menu, 29 degree draft beer, a hunting lodge motif and, of course, what Twin Peaks bills as its "most prized assets" -- scantily clad female servers.

The Flatirons Twin Peaks is only open for dinner right now, but will be open for lunch sometime next month. Visit the restaurant's Facebook page for more details.

Despite obvious competition from chains such as Hooters, Twin Peaks has ballooned to more than twenty locations across the country since it started in 2005 -- proof that there will always be room for another "breastaurant" in America. That said, here's a brief rundown of the most popular ones, large and small...

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Twin Peaks

299 E. Flatiron Crossing Dr, Broomfield, CO

Category: Restaurant

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I love how one of core pillars of this company's marketing is how they freeze the crap out of their beer. I'm guessing nobody would want to taste what they're pouring, so that's fair enough.

Legitimate craft brewers though, and I think we have a few in this state, should take a lesson from places like this in order to protect their brands by working closely with distributors to ensure that decent beer does end up in places where it gets mistreated. Is your brewery best served by making a few dollars in sales in stores where you're probably getting very low inventory turnover anyway? And, in exchange you're just accepting that the consumers that do encounter you don't experience your beer in a way that you intended when you created it?

Twin Peaks model is doubtlessly built on pushing high margin swill, so they're probably only carrying BMC faux specialty beers the likes of Shock Top or maybe, at best since they're a Texas based concern they've got some permutations of Shiner.  But I know for a fact that there are a LOT of other bars who mishandle their beer and who do carry New Belgium, O'Dell, Boulder Beer, etc.

See how much I have to reach to come up with discussion worthy point I come away from these types of announcements , Cafe Society? Wake me up when Applebee's opens a location in Arvada, I guess.

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