Four fantastic Languedoc wines that taste like a vacation

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Languedoc wines: Summer vacation, in a glass.
We are so ready for a vacation.

With five full weeks to go before the official start of summer, the last few days of sunshine (especially after all that rain) have been damn near torturous. You could say that weather like this brings out the hedonist in us -- and as such, brings on a craving for wines that feel as languid and uncomplicated as a day spent lazing on a beach or enjoying a moonlit stroll through quiet city streets. None of this is incredibly surprising, when you really think about it, because wine drinking (just like eating and clothing) is seasonal. You're not likely to be rocking a fleece-lined hoodie on an 80-degree day; why force your so-ready-for-summer palate to endure glass after glass of heavy, hearty wines? If you're as desperate for a vacation as we are, read on to discover why these four tasty bottles -- from a little known French wine region -- are like a perfect virtual (and vinous) passport to summertime:

Now that we've got you fantasizing about the ideal getaway, what if we told you that there was a place where you could find seemingly endless stretches of Mediterranean beachfront, Roman ruins and rustic farms proffering a bounty of olives, apricots and peaches? An idyllic locale where natives and tourists alike linger for hours over savory plates of duck confit, plump sausages and crusty bread smeared with local goat cheese -- at lunch? And, oh yeah, this bucolic, tranquil destination just happens to be one of the largest wine producing regions in France, where refreshing whites, juicy rosés and berry-fruit packed reds share equal popularity for their incredible value and endless drinkability. That place would be the Languedoc (pronounced "lang-dawk"), and if you ever found yourself lucky enough to visit, you might decide never to come home. Languedoc wines are everything you'd want on a day (or evening) -- that's too warm to face the prospect of turning on an oven; too sultry to do more than find a charming cohort to while away the hours with. They're simple, yet never boring; easy drinking, but infinitely satisfying. In short, they're the kinds of wines you should be drinking every day between now and the first day of autumn -- hell, maybe even beyond that. Get a head start on your summer vacation with these four bottles -- just remember to send us a postcard.

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Where did you find these fine wines, Kendra?


I want to try that Rose!  It has JITP written all over it!

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