Four reasons (and seven wines) that prove it's time to drink chardonnay again

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Chardonnay: A wine deserving of your affections.
"I'll have the chardonnay, thanks."

After overhearing this from a nearby diner during a recent restaurant meal, followed immediately by the withering response, "Seriously? A chardonnay?" from said diner's snarky companion, we realized that chardonnay still has a bullshit reputation.

We've absolutely had it with hearing people gripe about how chardonnay is officially The Worst Wine In The World, all the while being likely incapable of correctly picking one out of a blind tasting line up. But instead of taking a tough love approach, we're ready to forgive you for your intolerance and forget all those hurtful things you've said about one of the most vaunted grape varieties in the history of winemaking. Instead, we'll bestow upon you the the gift of knowledge: a brief review of key chardonnay facts, followed by our picks for seven of the best chards you'll wish you'd been drinking -- instead of kvetching about -- all this time.

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