Five growler-free ways to get fresh Colorado craft beer to go

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An old-school growler.
Just because you walk out the door of your favorite brewery doesn't mean you can't take the good times with you. The majority of Colorado's craft brewers sell growlers -- 64-ounce brown glass bottles, for the most part, topped with a screw-off cap. Most will sell you the vessel for anywhere from $5 to $10, which you can then bring back for a fill, usually around $8 to $18, depending on the beer. But as great as growlers are, most don't keep beer fresh for very long. In fact, those screw-top caps mean your beer will likely be flat within a day or so.

And because of their shape, growlers are unwieldy and not particularly practical, which is why a few brewers, especially those that don't bottle or can their beers, are experimenting with other ways to sell beer to go. Some are selling a limited amount of these containers as a way to raise money and offer VIP perks.

Here are five cool ones.

Equinox Brewing Facebook page
5. Nalgene Bottles

Equinox Brewing in Fort Collins sells eighty-ounce Nalgene bottles that won't shatter like glass and are BPA free. Like cans, the bottles can travel places glass can't, and they are topped with a more air-tight lid.

Bonfire Brewing Facebook page
3. Stainless Steel Growlers

Bonfire Brewing in Eagle sells insulated 64-ounce stainless steel growlers. There were 85 sold in the original batch, at $45 each (beer included), on a first-come, first-served basis. Stainless steel keeps the beer colder longer and lid keeps it fresher. Call ahead to make sure they have them in stock.

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Odd, no one Bags beer, Why only Wine?

Alex Arthurton
Alex Arthurton

Good article overall, but the first paragraph is rather ignorant. I sell growlers in screw top and flip top lids, and they both hold pressure for weeks. We experimented when we first opened our store, and we had some stay fresh for months! The problem isn't the bottles, it's the people who fill them. A proper fill involves first shooting some CO2 into the jug to flush O2, and then sticking a hose into the faucet so that you can fill the jug from the bottom up, and finally capping the jug while it is foaming. Taking these steps to avoid contact with O2 as much as possible WILL keep the beer fresh for weeks (not that anybody would wait that long to drink it!).Growlers have been given a bad name by establishments who fill just by sticking a bottle under the faucet and letting the beer free-fall into the jug, splashing and aerating it. Get educated!


 Personally, I dont care if the screw top growlers are as good as the flip top, I hate them.  I like the traditional flip top.  It is just something that makes a growler a growler.

That said, I do also like some of these new "nontraditional" growlers that are popping up.

Chris Washenberger
Chris Washenberger

Holy smokes! Sell your encyclopedias! Burn down Wikipedia! You don't need it, this guy knows everything and he is willing to tell you how stupid you are.

Alex Arthurton
Alex Arthurton

 No need for sarcasm Chris, I do not believe I called anyone stupid, nor did I imply it. The fact is, I have gotten some bad fills before from places that didn't have a good procedure, and I bet I'm not alone there. If I want to tell people how I believe they can keep their beer fresh, why is that a problem for you?

Also, those plastic Equinox jugs look awesome!

Chris Washenberger
Chris Washenberger

Oops, he is willing to tell you how ignorant you are. Sorry for the sarcasm, I just respond to internet pedantry in a certain way. You did have it coming. :)


Yep, Twisted Pine has some awesome growlers and handles, and I have a feeling the flip-tops help preserve the beer longer. As for gallon-growlers, I have not seen them in Colorado.


I have a cool swing-top style growler with a drunken man handle from Tommyknocker. I don't know whether they still sell them or not but it's definitely my favorite growler.

Are there any breweries here that sell one gallon growlers?


Twisted Pine has some pretty fancy growlers as well....

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