Guess where I'm drinking this mint julep?

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Saturday could very well be a national holiday for drinkers, with Cinco de Mayo celebrations colliding with Kentucky Derby-watching parties. It's not hard to find a good margarita around town -- but a great mint julep? That's a much more elusive creature. Still, I recently found a perfect version -- and it's even served in the quintessential mint julep glass.

Can you guess where I'm drinking?

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Deep beneath the surface of the sun? Is the Mint Julep the “Peeps” of cocktails? “Peeps” arethose sickeningly -sweet, baby chick-shaped marshmallow treats only seen inEaster Baskets on Easter Sunday. For the other 364 days of the year they are activelyavoided. Think about it, Mint Juleps are sweeter than most cocktails and aregenerally only imbibed on one Saturday in early May. On the other 51 Saturdaysevery year, some other – any other – cocktail is the drink of choice, even inLouisville.  You be the judge. Here arefour vintage Mint Julep recipes:

Nancy Levine
Nancy Levine

That stiff drink was guessed correctly by Woody. 


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