Photos: H Burger opens today in Boulder

Lori Midson

Boulder has been burgerfied. Later today, at 4 p.m., H Burger Co, which already pimps a location in downtown Denver, along with a smaller sibling named Little H Burger Co, in southeast Denver, will introduce Boulderites to its first foray into the collegiate city. And it's been a long time coming says Josh Dinar, a partner in H Burger's growing kingdom.

"We've been looking for a space in Boulder ever since H Burger took off in Denver," he says. "Most of us who are involved live in Boulder, and we've always wanted to do an H Burger here, but the whole thing was space-dependent, so it took us a while."

Dinar and Co took over the former Pinyon space at 1710 Pearl Street, on the east end of Pearl Street, a swatch of pavement, he insists, that's a perfect location to unleash the meat. "There's a need for upscale comfort food -- for better burger places -- and there's no one really specializing in burgers in Boulder, and the east end of Pearl Street is booming," says Dinar, adding that while restaurants like Frasca Food & Wine, L'Atelier and Oak at Fourteenth "have really high-end food that's done incredibly well, casual concepts like us and Snooze are coming into their own."

The quarters, which mimic those in Denver in terms of color scheme and design, have retained largely the same layout as its days as the Pinyon, but there's a curious wall of random cassette tapes -- everything from self-help to Anne of Green Gables to a mix of sad songs -- that you won't find anywhere else. "Our designer thought that would be cool, and so far it's been a big conversation piece," notes Dinar. But the wall is more than just decoration: Cassette collectors who brings in fourteen of their own get to knock back a free shot.

The Boulder menu doesn't stray far from the its Denver counterparts, either, but Dinar notes that because Boulder is, well, Boulder, the kitchen is offering grass-fed-and-finished beef. "People are more conscious of their food in Boulder -- and it's important to us, too -- so any beef patty can be upgraded to an all grass-fed, all grass-finished patty for a dollar more," he says, admitting that the Denver H Burger attempted to do the same thing..but no one bit.

But it's probable that Boulderites will -- and they'll likely bite on this, too: Within the next few weeks, the Boulder H Burger will hold a contest, whereby guests can submit topping ideas for the "Local Boulder" burger, which will be added to the menu once Dinar and his crew choose a winner. And there will be a prize, too, although Dinar hasn't yet determined what it will be.

I stopped by H Burger earlier this week to feast on some meat (and more) and tour the new space, the photos of which are on the following page.

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Tried H-Burger on Pearl St Boulder today after walking around the Boulder Creek Festival. The 3 of us had the 5 oz burger with fries. All the burgers were cooked exactly as we ordered them, they were juicy and came with a nice tomato, bib lettuce, dill pickle chips, mayo based sauce, and a good bun. The natural cut fries were really good done just right. I usually put ketchup on my burgers but the flavor of this burger was great so I did not need any ketchup. The service was quick and friendly, the waitress checked back several times to see if we needed anything and always refilled our water glasses. The chocolate nitro shake was fun and my daughter said quite good. I will try some of the other items on the menu next time I go which will be soon.


they are always packed in Denver.  I'm sure it will  be the same in Boulder. 


For a dollar more you can get quality. Great. I fucking miss the pinyon- they had integrity.


Companies like H Burger is what's wrong with the dining scene in Denver.  People with a lot of money opening a chain of places that we certainly don't need more of.  This is only about making money and nothing about moving food forward in Denver.  Why don't you put your money up to support  talented, local chefs that would otherwise not have the means to open a restaurant???


I'm always excited when a new lunch place opens down here on the east end of Pearl, so I was  anxious to try H Burger, despite the poor overall reviews of the service (and sometimes food) of their Denver location.  I was very pleasantly surprised - the whole experience was terrific! Service was friendly and fast, my 'standard burger' (with cheese) had wonderful flavor, was juicy (not greasy), and the perfect size.  The fries that it comes with were just how I like them - not too thick, not too thin, and cooked slightly darker than 'golden' brown.  Can't wait to go back!


All comments about his/her spelling and grammar, I agree with Tschairez.  Their product is fairly unremarkable except for the price you pay.  On my visit to the 16th street location, my medium-rare H Burger was cooked well-done, and with a beer and tip it was about $20.  On the plus side, the toppings tasted like they were high quality, and the server did a good job tending to us.$20 takes you further at Park Burger for what I feel is a better product, or straight to Le Grand which is out of this world.


What the H?


From their Website a quote

“I have made an important discovery… that alcohol, taken insufficient quantities, produces al the effects of intoxication.”


If that is how I needed to be while dining in than it was myfirst foreshadowing. I had only visited H burger once six weeks ago, stopped induring a happy hour on 16th st. in Denver. Good happy hour prices and the happyhour bites were okay.


I have worked in Boulder forover 11 years now, and the one thing Boulderis not lacking is a good burger. I think it’s safe to say that Boulderhas their share of good burgers regardless of what Dinar and Co suggest whichis “A need for upscale comfort food” really, this is Boulder. That would be like me heading to myneighborhood in the Highlands and seeing aneed for the same.


Today was the grand opening of its very own H Burger, Let metell you of my experience. The space is great, 1710 Pearl Street home of the formerPinyon, which some great flavors came out of. I looked at the menu prior toarriving so paying a hefty price for my meal was not an issue. The prices wereright up there with the Pinyon a High End Comfort food space. I thought I wouldtry the Asian Chicken Wings as it’s my personal gauge of how the food is. Butas I was handed the menu, my eye shifted to


Grilled Ahi Tuna Steak 12.95 6oz.Grilled tuna filet (cooked exactly how you like it), wasabi-ginger sauce andcilantro-apple slaw.

Thoughts of Larkburgers Grilled Tuna burger came to mind.


The waitress took my order, the fish she recommended well done.Now this is where I went wrong, I figure heck they won 1st place inDenver People’s Choice Award, so the cilantro apple slaw must be dynamite. Ithan, asked for the beer battered onion rings.


Now I had The Dales Pale ale from a can, my second was aBlue Moon. Some how I missed on the touted Worlds Coldest Beer, as myselections were not, and even the Dales was warmer than I preferred.


My Sandwich came, filledwith fries and another large plate filled with Onion Rings. And for the life ofme could not imagine even the most famished person eating it all. But it gaveme a chance to taste the fries and onion rings, both okay. But the killer, was myover done Tuna Burger with the wasabi-ginger sauce MIA. I had a couple of bitesand put it down. At this point the waitress makes amends on the mix up with thefries and onion rings. I than order the Asian Chicken wings in hopes ofsalvation to take back to work and savor in the confines of my cubicle.


Now please don’t get me wrong, I give no pleasure incritiquing meals. But sitting there and observing Kirkland products in the freezer, althoughcost effective far from supporting local farmers. And what made me wince mostwas the pressing of the burgers, I mean if your going to go as far as coveringyour patties to insure the inside is cooked, I would thank a 600 degree flatgrill would insure the crispiness on the outside, but pressing your burger downdefinitely does nothing for the juiciness on the inside.


From the corner of my eye, my wings come out and make it tothe front bar where I believe company are enjoying their opening from the seatsof the bar. One than, takes that box of wings and tells the cooks that sesameseeds need to be on that order. Minutes later I have my box and thirty somedollars later I am off to taste my wings. Here’s where I probably didn’t givethem a chance. I mean the Pinyon marinated theirs in maple syrup and sirochechili, well what I got was lacking in flavor and dry on the inside.


Now here is a quote from the founder Pete Pflum

“The great thing about H BurgerCO is your whole experienceis totally customizable,”

Pflum adds. “If you want to come in for a cheeseburger and asub-zero beer, you can get out the door for under $12.”


The one thing that is true is taken from the opening articleon HBurgers site.


“Some historians trace its beginnings to Mongolia, whenGenghis Khan’s men would ride with fistfuls of meat between their saddles andthe back of their horses. Tenderized during long journeys, these early burgerswere eaten raw by famished soldiers on the move and pressed for time.”


This should be written atop every menu as a forewarning. Icould have asked for my money back, but what better reminder than the sting ofmoney for nothing.


Thomas Skelly


"Now please don’t get me wrong, I give no pleasure incritiquing meals"judging from your post I doubt this is true.

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