Photos: Ian Kleinman's spectacular molecular pop-up dinner at Studio F

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Lori Midson
Ian Kleinman and Biker Jim...blowing smoke.
You have six more nights to behold the wizardry of Ian Kleinman, the molecular genius behind the Inventing Room -- the Willy Wonka of Denver who's currently on center stage at Studio F, the culinary event space and cooking school that James Mazzio unleashed a few months ago to give himself, along with local and national chefs, a pop-up platform to perform their magic.

Kleinman, who also has plans to unleash a pop-up java joint and molecular doughnut den later this summer, took to the spotlight on Friday night for the first of his nine Studio F pop-up dinners, and the results were nothing short of mesmerizing. From the shrewdly artistic cocktails concocted with everything from rosemary foam to blueberry caviar to bright blue cotton candy to plates dotted with black truffle caviar and habanero tobiko, each creation erupted in a whimsical mix of temptations.

I was there Friday night for the first dinner, which went off without a hitch, and I highly suggest you book a table. Now. But if you need incentive, the photos on the following pages should give you motivation. You can make a reservation by calling 303-226-9460.

Lori Midson
James Mazzio, owner of Studio F, and the adjacent, Red Star Deli, started off the evening with complimentary bags of liquid nitrogen bruschetta popcorn.

Lori Midson
St. Germain, grapefruit juice and rosemary-infused vodka cocktail crowned with rosemary foam and garnished with a frozen sprig of fresh rosemary.

Lori Midson
Jason Sheehan, former restaurant critic at Westword, once called Kleinman the "Soup Nazi." And Kleinman's carrot and artichoke puree, bobbing with roasted peas and candied shallot croutons, and topped with warm Parmesan foam, personifies that in spades. If you don't order this, you're crazier than Kleinman.

Lori Midson
Lump crab "creme brulee" with ginger-poached pears, soy singer and habanero tobiko.

Lori Midson
A palate cleanser of strawberry yuzu sorbet, frozen olive oil and goat cheese jelly.

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Scott Bennett
Scott Bennett

Ate there last night. One of the best restaurant meals I've ever had. 

Stefan Rickman
Stefan Rickman

I ate there on Friday night, as well.  It was fun and fabulous.  Chef Ian came out to explain each dish. I love it when the cooks play with their food.  And Chef James has come up with a great concept.  Several times I got to watch the cooks in the open kitchen.  I got to ask questions and they loved talking about the cool stuff they were doing.  Get there!

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