Photos: Ian Kleinman's spectacular molecular pop-up dinner at Studio F

Lori Midson
Eggs are a passionate project of Kleinman's, and one of the available plates on his pop-up dinner menu is a148-degree eggs Benedict puddled in a foie gras hollandaise and paired with grilled avocado slices, au gratin Russet and sweet potatoes, and dotted with microgreens. Kleinman, perhaps more than anyone, knows how to properly prepare eggs, and it's a good skill to have.

Lori Midson
A duo of lobster crepes, haloed with salt water bubbles, are served on a plate sauced with mornay and black truffle caviar.

Lori Midson
Sous-vide spiced beef shoulder with candied shallots, smoked pudding and mushroom caps stuffed with "baked potatoes."

Lori Midson
Fried pork belly with Israeli cous-cous carbonara, smoked spinach and a perfect poached egg.

Lori Midson
Maple Maker's Mark bourbon cocktail with lime juice and ginger beer accompanied by maple syrup cotton candy, which added a hint of sweetness -- and color -- to the cocktail when it was stirred in.

Lori Midson
Sky Goble, the pastry chef at the Sheraton, created four different desserts, including a thirty-second chocolate sponge cake with purple Pop Rock-surfaced chocolate-covered cherries, cherry sorbet and a cherry blossom chocolate lattice.

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Studio F - CLOSED

1801 Wynkoop St., Denver, CO

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Scott Bennett
Scott Bennett

Ate there last night. One of the best restaurant meals I've ever had. 

Stefan Rickman
Stefan Rickman

I ate there on Friday night, as well.  It was fun and fabulous.  Chef Ian came out to explain each dish. I love it when the cooks play with their food.  And Chef James has come up with a great concept.  Several times I got to watch the cooks in the open kitchen.  I got to ask questions and they loved talking about the cool stuff they were doing.  Get there!

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