Reader: Ian Kleinman's show at Studio F is fun and fabulous

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James Mazzio serves up bruschetta popcorn at Ian Kleinman's pop-up dinner.
Kitchen magician Ian Kleinman is ensconced at James Mazzio's Studio F for the rest of the week, where he'll be offering a special pop-up dinner that plays with liquid nitrogen.

Lori Midson was there
for the debut of Kleinman's nine-dinner run. So was Stefan:

I ate there on Friday night, as well. It was fun and fabulous. Chef Ian came out to explain each dish. I love it when the cooks play with their food. And Chef James has come up with a great concept. Several times I got to watch the cooks in the open kitchen. I got to ask questions and they loved talking about the cool stuff they were doing. Get there!
See photos of that cool stuff here. What do you think of Mazzio's Studio F concept? Has he finally found the perfect place for his talents -- and those of the chefs he spotlights? Post your thoughts below.

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Studio F - CLOSED

1801 Wynkoop St., Denver, CO

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