Infinite Monkey Theorem relocating to River North and adding a new wine tap room

Parsons is still mulling over the operating hours of the tap room, but admits they'll be dictated by the number of bodies that descend upon the winery. "At the moment, we're thinking that it'll be open Tuesday through Saturday from late afternoon until 11 p.m., but if there are people who want to drink and eat later than that, then we'll keep going," he says.

And River North, insists Parsons, is the neighborhood-of-the-moment in which to make the winery, the tap house and everything else he's envisioning a reality. "River North is the direction that Denver is growing. It's a hipster neighborhood that's already got a thriving arts district, plus there are great bars, distilleries and breweries, and it feels like the perfect place for IMT," explains Parsons, adding that the location was a "no-brainer."

Once he moves the winery, which he'll do next week, Parsons will uncork -- and un-can -- several more wines, including a bottled varietal Sémillon, which will be available in two weeks, along with a Back Alley red, which he'll pop open for the first time during a blowout bash on June 16 at the Food & Wine Classic in Aspen; and later this summer, he'll release a Back Alley rosé, his fourth canned wine.

And that's not all: Parsons also plans to introduce a growler program that will mimic what the breweries are doing with beer; he'll screen films against the winery's facade; and starting next week, he's corralling a co-op of artists as part of a "paste-up" movement to wallpaper the building's exterior. "We'll put multiple layers of wallpaper on the outside to form art, which I think will be a really cool project," he says.

As for the current Infinite Monkey Theorem, Parsons has sublet the space to another tenant, but he says that he'll continue to utilize the courtyard wine bar during the First Friday Art Walk. And, eventually, he promises to host First Friday Art Walk gatherings at the new location.

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Infinite Monkey Theorem

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A guy reading the paper...
A guy reading the paper...

First paragraph: "When grape guru Ben Parsons made the decision to open the Infinite Monkey Theorem in 2009"

Second paragraph: "Since opening the Infinite Monkey Theorem in 2008"

So... was it 2008 or 2009? If he made the decision to open it in 2009, did he then travel back in time to actually open it in 2008? Bho.


RiNo is blowing up.  Great neighborhood.


Can't wait! Another reason Denver is getting better and better.


This should go nicely with the restaurant the Crema guys are opening and the vegan market.  Yeah neighborhood!


Let's just call it "SoHoRiNo" - So Hot Right Now.

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