Round two with Joe Freemond, exec chef of the Cellar Wine Bar

Favorite junk food: As much as I hate to admit it, I love Totino's pizza rolls with sriracha or Crystal hot sauce. I absolutely know how bad they are for me and the total shit they're made with, but I can't help but love them; I guess it's a childhood comfort thing.

Favorite childhood food memory: I have many fond childhood memories of food because I grew up with parents who would plan all of our vacations around food destinations or eating plans. I grew up cooking with my parents, particularly my mom, who played a huge role in my love of being in the kitchen. I remember making tiramisu with her when I was very young, and I remember always being amazed that you could take simple egg whites and table sugar and make beautiful, stiff foam-like peaks with nothing more than a whisk, like it was some kind of kitchen wizardry.

One book that every chef should read: Kitchen Confidential, which is a huge reason I started cooking professionally in the first place. It made cooking seem cool -- really hard work, but cool. And despite how much the industry has progressed since it was first published, it's still a wonderful look into the darker -- but true -- aspects of this industry. In fact, I reread Kitchen Confidential every time I start working in a new kitchen.

If you could cook in another chef's kitchen, whose would it be? I'd want to cook in some grandma's kitchen in Italy. Any grandma will work, as long as she's old and has lived in Italy her whole life. I want grandma secrets.

Favorite celebrity chef: I really respect Masaharu Morimoto. I look through his cookbook often because it always provides plenty of inspiration. I love how he totally changes people's perception of what's classic or traditional. His love and respect for his craft is something to aspire to, plus he always kills it on Iron Chef.

Celebrity chef who needs a muzzle: I know I'm not the first person to say this, but Guy Fieri needs to shut the hell up already. I saw him do a promo for gourmet Ritz cracker snack preparations during the Super Bowl, and that was the last straw for me. The fact that this guy is even referred to as a "chef" is an insult to real chefs everywhere. I hope he chokes on his next Ritz.

Culinary heroes: Thomas Keller has always been -- and probably always will be -- my culinary hero. His philosophies on food, cooking and hospitality and his mission toward perfection have always inspired and influenced the way I cook and approach this life. As amazing as the French Laundry is, I've always connected with his food at Bouchon and Ad Hoc on a more personal level, particularly with his approach to classic peasant food reimagined with perfect technique and finesse.

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