Reader: Squeaky Bean videos have viewers hungering for more

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A year after it abruptly closed its original location in Highland, Squeaky Bean will bloom again next month at 1500 Wynkoop Street. And thanks to a series of videos with owner Johnny Ballen, you can get a taste of what's to come: a Casa Bonita for adults, he promises.

"Opening a restaurant can be a little tedious, and we want to have a little fun," Ballen says. "We just kind of want to get everyone excited about the Bean again, so we're making some short clips of what's going on behind the scenes in anticipation of the opening."

And it's working. Says Robert:

I'm really counting the minutes till the opening! In the meantime, I'll watch the video. It's clever and funny, it reminds me of the good times at the old Bean. Thanks Johnny!

See the videos and photos of the current status of the new Squeaky Bean construction here. How much have you missed the Squeaky Bean? And how will it do in this new LoDo location? Post your thoughts below.

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Squeaky Bean

1500 Wynkoop St., Denver, CO

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tim davids
tim davids

I thought this said Squeaky Sean Bean videos. How disappointing.

Yikes fell flat on your face with that one. I feel embarrassed for you.

On a serious, non-fuck-face note, I for one am thrilled about all of this Squeaky Bean stuff. Good luck Bean team!

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