Photos: Five Star Burgers' second outpost opens on Broadway

When the Kokoro
at Sixth and Broadway closed last year, the space was quickly snapped up by Five Star Burgers, an outfit out of Taos, New Mexico that already has several metro area spots, including one at the Streets of SouthGlenn. Now this Five Star Burgers is open, slinging its signature green-chile burgers near the heart of downtown.

Five Star's chief innovation is the "crispy green chile"-- a daunting slab of its normally liquid green chile breaded, fried and stacked precariously on patties of natural Black Angus beef and toasted brioche buns. But while assorted green chile and cheddar-slathered burgers with a Southwestern flair are the main draw here, housemade turkey, lamb and even crab burgers are also on the board. And each month brings a new sandwich usually inspired by a different culture, be it the tangy remoulade of New Orleans or Guinness-glazed onions for a taste of the Irish.

Five Star sources its beef from California-based Harris Ranch and its buns and Hatch chiles from New Mexico -- but it also has a selection of local beers on tap at the bar that's smack-dab in the dining room, everything from Avery IPA to New Belgium's 1554.

See photos of Five Star Burgers' cozy new space and May's Burger of the Month are on the following page.

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Five Star Burgers - CLOSED

555 Broadway, Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

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waaaaaay too overpriced for where and what it is.  $10 for a fast burger.  No thanks!


Not impressed.  $10 mediocre burger plus $3 for fries.  Pass.  Too many lah-ti-dah burger joints these days.   Come on people - time to get back to basics and that doesn't mean forking over $13+ for a burger and fries.  Really?  I mean it - really?  You think think a burger and fries is worth $13 plus tax and tip.  Not in my book.


Do they freeze the gren chili before breading and frying it? 


Remarkable, a little chain out of Taos, NM coming into Denver's already beefy burger market. Having tried and liked what we had in Taos we can only wish them good luck. 

Now if we could only get Albuquerque's Flying Star Cafe ('snoozier' than Snooze, with a magazine stand, killer desserts & salads) and Bumble Bee's Baja Grill (lamb tacos, great salsas) we'd sparky things up a bit.  


Jenn Loves Lamb
Jenn Loves Lamb

 A-Fucking-Men on the Flying Star suggestion! I miss the "Red Stuff" and the "Buddha Bowl." They would be popular here in the right neighborhoods. BBBG is also a great place--their giant lamb burrito would be welcomed here, I think.

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